two girls pose with trophy
We provide students with intensive training in dance technique and form.

Benefitting From Personalized Attention

Our teaching not only provides dance instruction but develops respect, enthusiasm, patience, compassion, self-confidence and knowledge through small class size, which allow for personalized attention to each student.

Achieving Personal Goals Through Dance

Through maintaining a technical standard of dance in conjunction with enjoyment and fun, self-confidence develops as each student attains their individual goals. Individual personal levels of accomplishment are guided and supported through our personalized approach to each student.

Learning At Your Unique Pace

Classes are designed to educate children in specific dance styles and techniques. Creativity is developed through learning to express feelings and emotions openly through dance and acting; we help each child discover creativity within him or herself.

We encourage children to realize that we are all individuals with different capabilities and that we all achieve certain goals at different times in development. We must be patient with our own physical and mental growth, which is nurtured through respecting each student’s own personal pace.